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Summer Internship Training

  • Do you see yourself working in a technical field in the near future? Do you aspire to become a professional programmer and acquire a brilliant job opportunity in a reputed industry? Or you wanted to start your own tech startup? If yes, then it is expected of you to gain immense knowledge and comprehension along with expertise in the technical area.

  • For that, we offer the best internship to the students who are looking to make an exceptional career in the technical area and acquire a promising job as a software developer or any technical profile in a reputed software firm.

  • We are the only and first organization in entire India which offers you first 15 days free internship because we believe in quality. In these 15 days, you can analyze quality, our vision, compare us with any organization.

  • This internship program is meant for aspiring engineers & industry professional for them we will facilitate an environmental for expertise & polish skills to emerge a truly global professional.

Internship Process

Once you start the internship, First you will get the training from the absolute basics to the expertise level that will help you to crack any technical interview with ease and CodePlanet always focuses that every student should go for global certification that will make your profile more strong. Once you start getting the things you will soon find yourself working on various clients projects. 

Internship training will assist you to understand the basic to the advanced procedure. Our admired instructors will help you learn by performing your skills and knowledge. During the entire internship, you will be responsible for performing below-mentioned duties.

  • You have to attend the regular training classes because we believe to become the best developer your concept should be strong.

  • Have to do regular assignments which helps you to clear global certification exams. Because we believe Global Certification is the easiest way to get into a job.

  • Working on tight schedules to deliver quality and robust software.

  • Assist the programming team in writing test specifications for the requirement and functional specification.

  • Work closely with the support organisation to deliver the best services.

  • Interacting with other team members in order to discuss new things & review errors.

Internship Benefits

Throughout the entire internship, our trainers will ensure that the candidate becomes fit to get the actual knowledge of what the industry wants and perform the duties of a developer well by increasing their accountability and credibility. We make sure that the participants gain the knowledge and got the ability to work under time and pressure and still deliver the best of results.

  • Became Certified Engineer & Global Professional: As learning is always a key way to get success. We explain the concepts from the absolute basics to the expertise level. So that you not only get the subject but you will become master over that.    

  • Learn By Doing: Well, no matter how much information you gain or how radiant skills you develop in the programming language, you will still consider an amateur unless you practice those skills in a real world. Our internship program will allow you to use your garnered skills and knowledge to practice by letting you perform our Client’s work, which will give you a better understanding of your duties.

  • The initial step of Job: After completing your college, it may be difficult to find a job in as a developer. Although, if you do find one, it is most likely that you commit some mistakes. Some may be avoidable while others could be disastrous for both the company and your career. Our Internship will help you perform your first step toward a job where you can make mistakes and learn from them. It will make you not repeat those mistakes when you are hired for a permanent job.

  • Gain needed experience: The most important benefit of internship training is you will receive the relevant work experience by working for a reputed firm on their projects. It will allow you to catch the eyes of the recruiters when you highlight this internship section on your resume.

  • Better job opportunities: Surely after acquiring experience, you are bound to be hired by reputed industries for their job profile with the higher salary and job security. CodePlanet will 100% assist you to get your dream job.

Projects and Jobs

During the internship at CodePlanet, you will be offered several projects, which you will be liable to complete within your stay in our organization. These projects include assignments from our regular clients along where you will perform functions such as designing, debugging, documentation, reviewing, interacting with clients, assisting the programming team with website creation and app development. These jobs are on a short-term basis, but it will surely offer you extreme comprehension of the technology you learned and allow you to easily find a dream job in a well-established firm.

And if you are good enough, then you may find out that your internship has been turned into a permanent job in our own organization or one of our associated companies. 

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